Racing matters to Tasmanians

More than a sport, more than an industry

Thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing is a Tasmanian way of life that has been part of our cities and towns for over 130 years

Today it matters more than ever.

There are more than

individuals who are involved in the Tasmanian racing industry as an employee, participant or volunteer.

Total Value Added

to the community

Regional Communities

Almost 63% of participants involved in racing are from regional communities.

Greyhound adpotions

In FY20, 138 greyhounds were adopted, up from 89 in FY 19.

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Tasmanian owners and trainers spent almost $48 million in 2018/19 preparing racing horses and greyhounds for racing. Regional Tasmania accounts for almost three -quarters of this economic activity.

Tasmanian Race Clubs

throughout the state, supporting the community.

Total races

were conducted in the the state across Tasmania, including King Island.

Tasmanian owners and trainers

almost $48 million
spent almost $48 million preparing and racing horses and greyhounds.

Race tracks statewide

Including four in Launceston, three in Hobart and nine in regional Tasmania.

Race day attendees

A total of 99,020 attended a race day in Tasmania.

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In 2018/19 it is estimated that the total expenditure generated by racing customers was $12.7 million.

Community building

Over 40 community organisations or charities are assisted and supported by racing clubs.
Close to 40 community organisations share racing club facilities and resources.
Racing in Tasmania currently engage almost 310 volunteers who assist in various club roles (excluding participant volunteers).
Close to 2,000 people hold racing memberships.

Code economic contribution

Value added economic contribution within regional Tasmania.

Regional Tasmania

The racing industry in Regional Tasmania is responsible for generating $71.0 million in value added contribution to Gross State Product. This represents 38.4% of the industry total.