It's Why We Race

A message from Tasracing, on behalf of over 5,000 Tasmanians employed directly and indirectly by racing.

Racing has been part of Tasmanian life for well over 150 years. We’re proud of our racing history, and what racing means for our future.

5,000 Tasmanians are employed directly and indirectly in racing, one of the world’s oldest pursuits.

Ours is a pursuit unlike any other. It is a pursuit that harnesses and rewards the love, care and awe we have for our animals that are among the fastest species on Earth. It is equal part obsession for the racing animal, sport, business and life-blood of regional communities.

It’s why we race.

This is why we race

Learn more about what it’s like to be part of the racing industry.

Greyhound adoption program

Finding loving permanent homes for loveable, placid dogs when they retire from racing.

Off the Track Tas

Lifelong support for thoroughbred and standardbred horses after racing.

Tasmanian breeders

The industry body that represents all thoroughbred breeders in Tasmania.

Only an owner knows the feeling

It’s easier than you might think to join the world of Tasmanian thoroughbred, harness and greyhound racing ownership.

Tasmanian Race Clubs

Tasmania's racing clubs have been welcoming guests to the races for over 150 years, in all corners of our beautiful island.

Careers in Racing

Interested in learning more about the many exciting career opportunities in racing? Send an email to Tasracing now!

Thoroughbred Industry Cadetship

Find out about Tasracing’s Scholarship for the 2022 intake at the 12 month Explorer Cadetship delivered by Thoroughbred Industry Careers (TIC).

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