It's Why We Race

A message from Tasracing, on behalf of over 6,400 Tasmanians employed directly and indirectly by racing.

Racing has been part of Tasmanian life for well over 150 years. We’re proud of our racing history, and what racing means for our future.

More than 6,400 Tasmanians are employed directly and indirectly in racing, one of the world’s oldest pursuits.

Ours is a pursuit unlike any other. It is a pursuit that harnesses and rewards the love, care and awe we have for our animals that are among the fastest species on Earth. It is equal part obsession for the racing animal, sport, business and life-blood of regional communities.

It's why we race.

Commissioned by Tasracing, the following report on the size and scope of the Tasmanian racing industry sheds light on its significant contributions to our economy and the societal benefits it brings to the fabric of our community.

Read the IER Size and Scope of the Tasmanian Racing Industry report here.

Tasmanians employed and participating, 63% in regional communities
injected back into the Tasmanian economy, 40% into regional communities

Regional Communities

More than 63% of participants involved in racing are from regional communities.
Tasmanian owners and trainers spent over $51 million in 2021/22 preparing racing horses and greyhounds for racing. Regional Tasmania accounts for 89% of this economic activity.

Tasmanian Race Clubs

throughout the state, supporting the community.

Total races

were conducted in the the state across Tasmania, including King Island.

Tasmanian Ownership

$29 million
in prize money
Owners race for close to $29 million in prize money and bonuses that are on offer across the three codes.

Race tracks statewide

Including four in Launceston, three in Hobart and nine in regional Tasmania.
Community building
Close to 60 charitable organisations are supported by the racing industry, receiving direct funds and in-kind support.
Close to 40 community and NFP organisations share racing club facilities in Tasmania.
Over 1,090 individuals provide their skills time and support to the racing industry as a volunteer.
Almost 1,9000 people hold racing club memberships.

Race day attendees

A total of 110,400 attended a race day in Tasmania.
For every dollar spent on-course by racing attendees, a further dollar is spent off-course, in areas including fashion, retail, travel and tourism.

Customer Expenditure

In 2021/22, it is estimated that the total expenditure generated by racing customers was $12.2 million (excluding wagering). Customers include attendees, sponsors, members, broadcast providers, community groups and participants.