It's why we race

A message from Tasracing, on behalf of
over 5,000 Tasmanians employed
directly and indirectly by racing.

Racing has been part of Tasmanian life for well over 150 years. We’re proud of our racing history, and what racing means for our future.

5,000 Tasmanians are employed directly and indirectly in racing, one of the world’s oldest pursuits.

Ours is a pursuit unlike any other. It is a pursuit that harnesses and rewards the love, care and awe we have for our animals that are among the fastest species on Earth. It is equal part obsession for the racing animal, sport, business and life-blood of regional communities.

It’s why we race.

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Robyn Johnson

~ Owner, breeder, trainer and President of the NWGRC ~

“We’ve got animals that are bred to run and love to run and do love to chase. To some degree us taking them racing is fulfilling their love.”
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Alycia Hall

~ TRC Ambassador & Show Horse competitor ~

““I love that it brings all sorts of people to the races, so you don’t necessarily need to own a racehorse to be involved in racing, you can go for the fashion side of it.”
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Adrian Collins

~ Harness Driver | Barrier Attendant ~

“The animal, you can be having a down day and simply spend two minutes with a horse, and it can lift you back up again.”
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Stephen Maskiell

~ Apprentice Jockey Coach ~

““I love teaching young people, I love the apprentices. I’m hard on them because I want the best from them.”
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Ron Riley

~ Owner ~

“I love the competitiveness, but I love the fact that when you go to the yearling sales, no-one knows how good they are going to be.”
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Cessiah Alice

~ Milliner ~

“It definately brings a sense of fun to the community. It is something different. Everyone can get together, dress up and have fun with their friends .”
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Colin McNiff

~ Race caller ~

“I love the athleticism of the horses. Just watching them go about their business they are such majestic animals.”
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Mark Yole

~ Harness driver and trainer ~

“They are beautiful athletes and you are just one with the horse, so I just love that drive to compete and win.”
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Siggy Carr

~ Thoroughbred jockey and trainer ~

“I just love the horses. When I was a child, I used to actually sleep in their feed bins.”
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Blake Pursell

~ Greyhound trainer and breeder ~

"A dog is that happy when it wins a race, and that’s what makes me happy.”
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It's why we race

~ Ours is a pursuit unlike any other ~

A message from Tasracing, on behalf of over 5,000 Tasmanians employed directly and indirectly by Racing. Discover more here.