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It's why we race

~ Ours is a pursuit unlike any other ~

A message from Tasracing, on behalf of over 6,400 Tasmanians employed directly and indirectly by Racing.

Mark Yole

~ Driver / Trainer ~

“You always hear about people winning the Championship, it’s a dream come true. The love for the horse, I absolutely love that connection you have with them."

Graeme McCulloch

~ Trainer/Breeder - Grenville Stud ~

"My wife always says I get on better with animals than I do with humans, and she's probably right"

Sarah Cotton

~ Thoroughbred trainer ~

“It's the satisfaction of putting a lot of work into an animal, and then going out and seeing your work go out there on the big stage."

Bill Hayes

~ Course Photographer ~

“In the racing industry, there are many more lows than there are highs, but the highs are just unbelievable."

Greyhound Racing

~ Matters to Tasmanians ~

“Greyhounds are raised, trained, cared for and often retired as members of the family, or find loving homes via the Greyhound Adoption Program."

Matt Robertson

~ Race Caller ~

“The adrenaline rush that you get in that few minute period where you’re really in that zone is just something you can’t really describe.”

Siggy Carr and Georgie Catania

~ Trainer & jockey /Jockey ~

“Our bond is strong, and it has been from day dot.”

Bart McCulloch

~ Grenville Stud ~

"It’s a sport that brings a lot of people together from different walks of life."

Siggy Carr

~ Thoroughbred jockey and trainer ~

“I just love the horses. When I was a child, I used to actually sleep in their feed bins.”

Blake Pursell

~ Greyhound trainer and breeder ~

"A dog is that happy when it wins a race, and that’s what makes me happy.”

Rob Hammond

~ Owner ~

“I'm passionate about horses, I love horses, and I have a fascination for greys."

Chester Bullock

~ Owner/Breeder ~

“I enjoy at 6 o’clock in the morning as the suns coming up, you enjoy training a horse and I actually talk to them, they’re friendly and they become part of your family."

Nigel Whelan

~ Track Manager ~

“Everyone gets so excited, the adrenaline that goes through people leading up to the Devonport Cup.”

Mandy Gunn

~ Horse Breeder ~

“I love trying to get the pedigree’s right. And then I love to see the progeny on the ground, and I love to follow them all the way through."

Charlie Castles

~ Driver ~

“The horse is the biggest passion in it. Just being with them and working with them, it’s a funny sort of thing.”

Richard Robinson

~ Owner ~

“You’re not in it to make money, you’re just in it to go to the races and have a good time with your mates.”

Robyn Johnson

~ Owner, breeder, trainer and President of the NWGRC ~

“My dogs don’t have to win all the time; I just love to see a dog putting its heart and soul into doing what it loves."

Alycia Hall

~ TRC Ambassador & Show Horse competitor ~

““I love that it brings all sorts of people to the races, so you don’t necessarily need to own a racehorse to be involved in racing, you can go for the fashion side of it.”

Adrian Collins

~ Harness Driver | Barrier Attendant ~

“The animal, you can be having a down day and simply spend two minutes with a horse, and it can lift you back up again.”

Stephen Maskiell

~ Apprentice Jockey Coach ~

““I love teaching young people, I love the apprentices. I’m hard on them because I want the best from them.”

Ron Riley

~ Owner ~

“I love the competitiveness, but I love the fact that when you go to the yearling sales, no-one knows how good they are going to be.”

Cessiah Alice

~ Milliner ~

“It definately brings a sense of fun to the community. It is something different. Everyone can get together, dress up and have fun with their friends .”

Colin McNiff

~ Race caller ~

“I love the athleticism of the horses. Just watching them go about their business they are such majestic animals.”

Hubert & Dan

~ Caterer ~

“Each event is quite large, and it brings a lot of work for my small business.”

Tyson & Lisa Barwick

~ Woodbourne Grains ~

“We sell horse feed and hay to the horse trainers around Tasmania and it's improved our business remarkably.”

Bev Buckingham

~ Women In Racing ~

“What racing did for me, it gave me confidence. I loved horses with a passion. It wasn't just a job, it was my career, it was my love, it was my life, it was everything.”

Chelsea Baker

~ Apprentice Jockey ~

“Just because you're a female doesn't mean you have to ride light, or have to have roughies in the field. Females can do it just as well as males.”